Dimitri Gazan

Gazan was born on 06-10-1971 in the Netherlands in Haarlem, grew up in Zandvoort aan Zee, now resident of Enkhuizen since August 2011.

In the early 1990-ties Gazan began a  training course for the Art Academy, followed by three years Royal Academy of fine arts in the Hague, where he followed the directions Monumental design and Theatre development. After one and a half years to have been working in the graphical sector, he has finally opted for the full exercise of his art-making. He joined a group of artists on the isle Texel named Waantij in 2000 up to 2008, where he has collaborated and participated in various large and smaller projects whose partly drew nationwide attention. Since August 2012 he moved to Enkhuizen. The past few years, due to his illness M.S., he was forced to develop his photography more than his painting while his energy levels couldn't sustain his artwork on a daily basis anymore. Photography is a much quicker medium and therefore much easier to achieve higher levels of quality. 

His most recent activity has been the writing of a series of 9 poems for which he launched a new website: www.ongetiteld-verzet.webnode.nl
Gazan is working in different disciplines such as; painting; oil on canvas, (digital) photography and editing, composing photo albums, film, installations, objects, writing poems, singer-songwriter, etc.


Please visit my latest initiative aswell at: the Dimigaze - Online gallery for digital art