29-11-2013 12:28

What I noticed during trips in the West-Frisian area is the huge industrial presence hiding in plain sight. No smoking chimneys but glass boxes filled with green and strip lighting. Spaces, no bigger than a couple of football fields, spread all over the surrounding areas of the West-Frisian villages.


It appears to be a part of the well preserved Dutch heritage of flat countryside. No high-rise blocks, but at most two storey buildings spraypainted in environmental colours. Churches seem to be no more prevalent than the sporadic dots of old forest here and there.


On the contrary, huge windmills seems to be the icons that represent the West-Frisians.

Masters of stubbornness, built like tough land labourers, radiating an ease and kindness, turning with every direction the wind may blow. 

Entirely convinced that tacit deeds not only explain their actions but may even justify them as well.